Time to be open, Time To Welcome everyone!

What can be created through the process of helping people in need is extraordinary. Positive change, hope, creation of shared contexts of growth are just some of the dynamics that volunteers contribute daily to build. Another is the change of perspective that an intense contact with so different people and situations (often dramatic, such as those of refugees) can generate. Is an important change, because looking at things with a new, deeper and more conscious look helps to deal with circumstances with a renewed will to improve them.

Shortly the first volunteers from FYROM/Macedonia will arrive in Athens to join the already large group of girls and boys who carry out the project activities. The news for some might seem surprising, given FYROM/Macedonia since its independence (1991), is engaged in a dispute with Greece about the country’s official name, national symbols and constitution, and between the two countries relations are often conflicting. This involvement, however, was thought and organised with great positivity and satisfaction, demonstrating that commitment and openness allow to overcome barriers and prejudices. Conducting daily activities with refugees is an extraordinary experience that allows a new awareness of the need for understanding and inclusiveness, and one of the objectives of the project and of the volunteers is to extend this new awareness and this positive and proactive impact on a large scale, starting from the local context in which they operate.

Time to be open, Time To Welcome everyone!

Together, with the help of the new volunteers, we will contribute to build better, more inclusive and sympathetic world for all!

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