British Red Cross, England. 

I studied History at university, and witnessing images on the news of refugees arriving in tiny inflatable dinghies and boats on European beaches since the start of the crisis has certainly made it feel like this is a very significant time in European history. However, being from the UK, I have felt quite powerless in affecting real, positive change. In volunteering with Time To Be Welcome, even if for a short period of time, I am very much hoping to gain an understanding of how NGO’s assist in situations such as this. I am especially inspired by this project’s aim to get young people from many different organisations and countries from across Europe together to volunteer. Realising there are so many more people from different countries who share values and beliefs, and want to be active in welcoming refugees to Europe is amazing! I am also so pleased to see the focus on empowering young refugees, and I am looking forward to running sessions on peace and human rights with refugee children. I am hoping to start a Master’s degree back in the UK in September in International Relations, and these subjects are so crucial in creating lasting peace. I am very aware that this is only a two-month placement and the crisis will not be solved overnight, but I am positive that we can make a small difference here to the lives of some, and use this experience and continue to find ways to welcome refugees to Europe.

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