Scouting Ireland.

When I first found out about the Time to be Welcome project I was immediately drawn to the nature of the project – integrating refugees into the local communities. I feel that during the current crisis that the shift in focus from allowing refugees into the county to welcoming them to be a part of the communities is a well needed change. I am really looking forward to running practical workshops with the young refugees and local children that will teach them lots of new skills and give them the opportunity to meet local children. Come September 2018 the refugee children will start attending the local schools. The camps that we organise will be located in these local schools meaning that school will be less daunting, and the children will know some local children in the school already. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education in Primary Teaching and I love working with children. Two months is a short amount of time to help people, but hopefully we will be able to set down the foundations for further learning and integration within the Greater Greek community.

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