25 years, from the UK. Referred to the project by long-standing previous TTBW volunteer, Usaama! Recruited by WOSM.

Why are you here?

I recently got back from a volunteer placement in South India, working with a youth-led development agency. It was an incredible experience and our work focussed on empowering young people to use their voice and to be the advocates of progressive change within their own communities. Upon returning back to the UK, I hoped to bring this message closer to home and as a (steadfast) European Citizen, wanted to be part of TTBW’s mission to welcome and integrate young immigrants and refugees into European society, along with young European citizens themselves. I believe that if young people – regardless of nationality or background – are first and foremost made to feel like valuable members of their community and of European society, we can work together to use our collective youth voice to facilitate positive social change within communities. Plus, I volunteered in Athens last summer and absolutely love the city so that’s certainly a bonus 😉

Favourite moment on the project so far?

Although we only recently arrived in Athens, we have already had the opportunity to visit a few different shelters/centres within the city. Last June I was fortunate enough to visit Mosaico House in the early stages of the project, before any classes were running and before families had moved into the accommodation. It’s such a wonderful space and it was so evident even in the early stages that the project had such huge potential. A few days ago we visited the team at MH and it was a really special moment for me to see that all this potential has come to fruition over the past year and a half. What was an empty shell and a blank canvas just over a year ago is now a hugely successful, inclusive hub with various regular classes going on and lots of smiling little faces!

Your proudest moment?

Although I can’t really pin down a specific moment, I’m most proud of my commitment to my personal morals and beliefs. I’m an independent self-proclaimed feminist, environmentalist and animal rights activist and am never afraid to stand up for what I believe in. Some call it stubborn, I call it passionate!

Your strengths?

I’m optimistic and like to see the good in all situations no matter how challenging or difficult they may be, and I’m also a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. This attitude has been so important for me in every aspect of life – whether it’s with work or in my personal life – and has led me to the happy place I’m at today.

How do you relax?

With a cup of tea in hand and a nice long netflix session!

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

It’s a cheesy one, but I’ll say Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield… I rarely know what my plans for the next month are, have no idea what lies ahead and like to live my life with arms wide open!

If you were a film character, who would it be?

Slinky from Toy Story! He’s a team player, but at the same time isn’t afraid to say it how it is. Also because half of me is positive, enthusiastic and ready to go whilst the other half of me likes to take it easy 😉

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