27 years old french mate.

The difference between a clementine and a mandarine for those who might still wonder is that clementines don’t have any seeds!

I was contacted by a crazy and fantastic woman, Claudia, who introduced me to the Time to be Welcome project. I have been involved in many associations in France and it was obvious for me to join. Thus, I sent a motivation letter to Veronica from WOSM and she gave me her approval.

Why are you here ?

Since 2015, I’ve been willing to work with refugees and asylum seekers in Europe.

I wanted to have the opportunity to understand further the real issues faced by the people who are forced to exile. I wish to be part of their integration process, to meet and share our common dreams, learn from the people I meet and build bridges instead of walls.

Favourite moment on the project so far?

I really appreciated the Psychological First Aid training. I attended regular first aid classes during many years but never had the opportunity to learn about post traumatic stress disorder aspects and how to respond before. I’m now very enthusiastic to build and implement new activities for the people, with the people.

Your proudest moment ?

I’m not sure I can answer this question properly but I’m very proud of everything I achieved in all my previous volunteership experiences, especially in a detention centre.

Your strengths ?

I’m a caring person. I have strong listening skills and an analytical mind. I’m also strongwilled and always very commited in everything I’m doing.

How do you relax ?

When I have free time, I go hiking in the mountains, I sit in peaceful areas surronded by nature and use holotropic breathing techniques to relax. I also read. A lot.

If you had a theme song, what would it be ?

Transatlanticism from Death Cab for Cutie. This is one of the main songs from ‘Six Feet Under’, my favourite tv series. It’s a powerful and mind-clearing song, gradually raising in intensity. Simply beautiful.

If you were a film character, who would it be ?

I would be Louise from ‘Thelma and Louise’, the road-trip movie. I probably don’t have her strength but I definitely have the same resilience, devotion to close friends, concerns about women’s condition worldwide and love for road trips and adventure.

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