British Red Cross, England.

I am volunteering with Time to Be Welcome as a part of my Masters Degree in International Development, and hoping to assist with the communications team alongside volunteering. The thing that really drew me to the project was not just the aspect of working closely with young refugees, but on integrating them into European culture and society. I’m particularly looking forward to working with unaccompanied minors in shelters alongside young Greek locals in Thessaloniki (the second largest city in Greece) with the hope that by integrating the young members of these two communities, Thessaloniki will be even more welcoming to refugees. I am excited to be running sessions on peace and human rights alongside my fellow volunteers as well as recreational activities such as volleyball, which I coach at my university at home. Though our project is just 2 months long, I hope it’s legacy will be to show that simple acts can go a long way into welcoming refugees into their new life not just in Greece, but across Europe.

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