The project

The project is co-funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus + Programme KA3 – Support for policy reform and Social Inclusion.

The main objectives are:

  • Offer the opportunity to Young Europeans to take actions and volunteer for the welcoming of young newly arrived migrants in Europe
  • Give an access to education & leisure activities for young people by developing their skills and competencies through non-formal education activities
  • Try to increase tolerance and overcome cultural and religious prejudges and disparities, in order to help the young newly arrived and ensure them a better integration into European society
  • Help migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers in feeling integrated in their host country, with the purpose to help other refugees arriving in Greece
  • Helping asylum-seekers and migrants on a day-to-day basis with psychological and healthcare services
  • Raise awareness of the European society on the situation faced by asylum-seekers in Greece and the need to open their communities to welcome them thanks to a positive regard
  • Develop capacities of Youth Organisations and their youth work practices to ensure a long term integration of migrants
  • Volunteers empowerment to take action in contributing to welcome young and children refugees and newly arrived migrants in to refugees camps and other hosting structures  and local communities
  • Facilitate the interaction between Refugees and the local communities members in order to set a strong foundation for their future cooperation and mutual understanding.